What's so special?

  1. The only DB event with live global broadcast throughout the event on (RTHK Radio 3 - available over the last 10 years on AM567 or for Stanley area on FM106.8 stereo) - On-line audio broadcast over the internet since 1999, additional on-line live TV web cast since 2000

    *RTHK's web cast of the Stanley event 2001 - video clipshttp://www.rthk.org.hk/special/dragonboat2001/ 

  2. Most countries represented - you can find paddlers from all continents adding up to more than any other local event at this type of festival. 
  3. Largest in scale - largest number of participating teams in HK (143 teams record high in 2001, 130 teams in 1996 & 2000, 126 in 1997, 120 in 1998, 121 in 1999). One of the largest one-day regattas in dragon boat history in the world. 
  4. Amazing carnival atmosphere. 
  5. Most corporate teams participating. 
  6. The best sand and beach setting for a festival day - paddling in the famous Tai Tam Bay which is embraced by The Shek O and Red Hill Peninsulars - Enjoy your so-called "dragon boat swim" anytime from Stanley Main Beach. 
  7. The first and only district DB event in HK with an informative official web site, which is proud to be fully bilingual. 
  8. Bilingual Presentation - all team info sent out and announcements in both Chinese and English. 
  9. Ten sessions totalling 10 hours of pre-race practice.