Dragon Boat Training

Dragon Boat Training

Dragon Boat Training

Dragon boating is not only a traditional race, but also a beneficial activity for physical agility and building up team spirit. Therefore, apart from providing regular practice for race-oriented teams, our association also provides non-race-oriented training service to interested parties.


Our association provides well-round dragon boat training equipment, including dragon boats and paddles approved by IDBF, shower facilities and changing rooms. Besides, we have official coaches and steersmen to assist your training.

Training Dragon Boat

We provide standard dragon boats, small dragon boats and 5-seat dragon boats. All these are approved by International Dragon Boat Federation.

Experienced coaches
Our coaches are well-experienced. They will deliver professional knowledge of dragon boating and necessary techniques of paddling.

Our steersmen own over hundreds steering hours. They know the sea condition of Stanley Main Beach well.

Training fee:

 Standard Boat Rental

HK$500 per hour

Night Practice – Standard Boat Rental

HK$600 per hour

Small Boat Rental    *Include steersman      

HK$1,000 per hour

Official Trainer

HK$500 per hour

Official Steersman

HK$300 per hour

Official Steersman – On site request

HK$600 per hour

**Members Only*