Team Building

Team Building

An excellent event for:
This is an excellent event for companies, association activities, school activities and friends gathering.

Why Team Building Event?
There are numerous advantages of taking Team Building Event, such as encouraging teamwork, enhancing bonding and trust among colleagues and friends, building up leadership skills and also improving initiative and as well as organizational productivity..

SDBA Team Building Event

We provide fun, safe and interactive Team Building activities that are designed for all participants. Even participants without prior dragon boating experience will surely enjoy the most of it. Necessary equipment will be provided by us, such as standard dragon boat and paddles. For further needs, you may feel free to contact us for discussions.

Experienced coaches
Our coaches are well-experienced. They will deliver professional knowledge of dragon
boating and techniques of paddling.

       Experienced Steersmen
       Our steersmen owns over hundreds steering hours. They know the sea condition of Stanley Main Beach well.

Safety arrangement

Your experience and safety are our priorities. So we also provide safety arrangement to your event. There will be a life-saving boat with a life guard to ensure the safety of every paddler.

The flow
Generally, the event will start with briefing, warm-up exercise, hands-on practice, on-boat practice, and a small dragon boat race (optional). For further arrangement, you are welcome to share with us.

Contact Us:
If you would like to try this awesome activity, contact us at +852-28130564 or email