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Our Dragon Boat Training Base at Stanley Main Beach

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Stanley Dragon Boat Assn now owns the largest boat storage rack in Hong Kong. We self-designed and built the rack with its lifting device. It can stack up to 4 layers of dragon boats and can accommodate 36 boats in total. The rack, together with storage and canopy facilities, was first installed in April 2006. In May 2007 the base underwent the first extension project. A steel viewing platform that can seat 100 people was built. This is a important new chapter in the history of the Association. During the Warm-up Races on 27 May 2007 it was first used as the Race Control Center with very positive outcomes.

Since 2001 when the Government officially grand us this new piece of leased land, business and hardware just grow more dramatically. Year 2007 is a mile-stone. Besides structural changes at the training base, and a world-record of 208 teams competing in one single day, this year we also procure 6 more second-hand boats for practice, and two new boats for racing. As such we own the largest fleet in the territory - in total 43 boats ( 42 medium-sized racing boats, one big-sized one to hold 50 people), all built with traditional teak wood structure.

Stanley Main Beach has long been regarded as the cradle for dragon boaters. Changes and healthy growth of the Training Base in the past few years provide even better soil for this mission and vision to be consolidated.

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